5 Essential Improvements to Consider During a Bathroom Remodeling Project

If you, like almost 61% of homeowners who have lived in the same space for more than six years, have chosen to renovate instead of move, it’s likely that the bathroom is at the top of your list. If bathroom remodeling is your first big home renovation project, here are a few essential upgrades to consider as you embark on this journey.

Hidden-Tank Toilet

Whether you’re working with a small space or you just don’t like the look of an exposed toilet tank, this is definitely a great upgrade to consider for your bathroom remodeling project. Not only does this type of toilet save space in your bathroom, but it also fits incredibly well if you’re going for a more modern design in your bathroom. You can also opt for a low-flush model, which can help save money on your water bills and create a more eco-friendly home environment.

Textured Shower Tile Flooring

When you’re in your bathroom taking a shower, the last thing you want is a slip and fall accident. A smart and beautiful solution to that problem can be textured tile flooring for your shower. With this upgrade, the tile’s texture and extra grouting will give you some extra traction on the floor and you won’t lose any style points. Just make sure your tile matches the color scheme of your bathroom!

To Tub or Not to Tub?

Bathtubs can be a truly luxurious addition to your bathroom remodeling services. But you need to consider a few things before you invest in a bathtub for your freshly remodeled space. Namely, whether or not you’ll actually use it. If baths are a regular activity for you, then it makes sense to invest in a nice bathtub. If not, a simple standing shower might be more than enough to cover your needs.

Recessed Vanity Cabinet

Again, if saving space is important to you, then this is a great addition to consider talking about with your bathroom remodeling company. A recessed cabinet above your vanity can help you save some space above the sink and provide a sleeker, more modern look. In addition, you won’t need to worry about hitting your head on the cabinet after you finish washing your face.

Additional Lighting

Your lighting should be one of the first things you address with a bathroom remodel. It’s common for bathrooms to have no windows, so the more light you can add, the better. Adding new light fixtures can help improve the functionality of your bathroom and elevate the mood. One of the most important lighting fixtures to consider is a dimmer for your main lights. You’ll be ready for a relaxing soak in your new tub in no time when you can set the mood like that.

Remodeling your bathroom can be a big undertaking. If you’re not sure where to start, remember to consider a few of these upgrades. And for all of your home remodeling needs, our team at Remodel Washington DC is here to help.

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