Amazing Design Trends for Your Kitchen Remodel

Of homeowners who have lived in the first home they bought for longer than six years, over 60% choose to renovate their homes instead of moving into another one. While there are amazing upgrades that homeowners can make to a home, many begin renovation projects in the kitchen. From kitchen cabinet refacing to floor ideas, kitchen remodeling companies look for ways to enhance the beauty and functionality of a homeowner’s kitchen. Let’s delve into some of the most amazing trends that offer freshness and vitality to a kitchen.

New Cabinetry

One of the ways to quickly upgrade a kitchen is to replace old, worn-out, and dated cabinets with new ones. The kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse from family members on a daily basis. Oftentimes, kitchen cabinets can lose their hinges, screws, or nails. Many times, our spouses and children can unknowingly slam them after retrieving a plate or bowl for a meal. Old kitchen cabinets that are falling can create a kitchen in which no one wants to enjoy a meal. A kitchen remodeling company is eager to work with homeowners and show them kitchen cabinet refacing solutions or brand new cabinetry that helps to update a kitchen.


Does your kitchen have missing tiles or an outdated floor? Are floor tiles peeling, cracked, or worn? It’s time to contact a reputable kitchen remodeling company and see what kind of flooring options would offer your kitchen the zest it needs. The food isn’t the only thing that needs to cook in your kitchen. Many homeowners opt for hardwood flooring due to the ease that comes with cleaning it.

You can also choose from waterproof laminate, patterned wood, or even a floor crafted of Artesian tile work. The possibilities are endless. Your kitchen floor should be one that is durable, sustainable, and lasts for years to come. Make your kitchen pop with a brand new floor. You’ll be amazed at the variety of options available to you from an expert kitchen remodeling company.

The Island

If you have a kitchen that is large enough for an island, then consider adding one. Kitchen islands are great, and an accomplished kitchen remodeling company will be happy to discuss your island with you. Perhaps you can enjoy a kitchen island made of natural stones such as marble or granite. Maybe you’re into wood and would like your new island to offer a wooden finish. Your dedicated kitchen remodelers will measure your kitchen and take into account its measurements. Then, you may be able to add a functional and attractive kitchen island that is customizable to your needs.

Open Shelving

Have you ever considered ditching the conventional wallpaper and choosing open shelving? An experienced kitchen remodeling company can show you how open shelving will do exactly what its name implies for your kitchen, open it up! Open shelving adds a bit of personalization to a kitchen while offering easy access to some of the most utilized items in the kitchen. A local kitchen remodeling company will have an array of ideas for open shelving should you decide to explore this enhancement.


The kitchen is one of the rooms in a home where lighting must be adequate. With a brand-new lighting concept, your kitchen will not only be showstopping but also offer sufficient lighting for eating, cooking, and socializing. You can discuss the seemingly endless possibilities with a qualified kitchen remodeling company that specializes in interior design services, which include wonderful lighting solutions.

Perhaps you’re partial to track lighting. Maybe you have your eye on zone or pendant lighting fixtures. You may even want lights above your open shelving or in your cabinets. The only way to learn what will work best for you is to talk to your local kitchen remodeling company.

When it comes to fresh, innovative, and breathtaking upgrades to a kitchen, we have them. As your Washington D.C. kitchen remodeling company, we provide kitchen remodeling solutions that will make your house the most pleasurable and peaceful place you’ve ever known. We also offer basement remodeling, deck additions, and more. Connect with us today for the exceptional kitchen remodeling services you need.

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