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Better Use of Space Makes For A Beautiful  Kitchen Remodel


Customer Focus 

In a previous home, these customers had their kitchen remodeled, and decided, after moving to a new residence, that the time had come to upgrade this one as well. Knowing that “pictures are worth a thousand words”, the homeowners looked through our  portfolios and had a definite idea of what they wanted to do for their space, including removing a wall that existed between the original kitchen and the dining room, thus creating a larger, more open kitchen with a massive center island for their family of five to gather around. Working with their  designer carefully to maximize the new space they had was important, as storage and pantry space were crucial to the layout.  


Our  customer was incredibly impressed with the care and attention that went into every detail of the project. For example, when the pendant lights over the island were being installed, it was  technician who noticed that the base of one of the lights wasn’t cut to match the others. Rather than hanging it up, he pointed out the issue to the homeowner who was able to order a new light and have that installed instead. The simple act of pointing the issue out (to a pendant light that the homeowner ordered herself) was a helpful gesture in the long run. 




Our  customer, having worked with us previously, knew the high quality of work that we could bring to the table. This second kitchen remodel was more involved and included more than just the removal of walls – it also included new lighting and a new ceiling. In the end, the results are dramatic and extraordinary. 

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