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For top-quality fence installation DC residents need to look no further than our team of experienced contractors. Whether you are looking for privacy, trying to keep animals on your property, or you want to simply spruce up your yard, we are here to help.

What to Expect When We Build a Fence for You

Industry-specific knowledge
Many homeowners looking to install a new fence may have a purpose or picture in mind. Perhaps homeowners want to let their dog out without them getting loose. Perhaps fence building has a much more simple explanation. In this particular case, the homeowners always dreamed of the idyllic white picket fence and want to make it a reality. Whatever the case may be, our team of professionals can help you build a fence – and do it the right way.

For instance, a traditional, chain link fence is inexpensive. It will keep the dog in the yard and separate your property from your neighbor’s. However, it is not the most attractive option. Wrought iron and treated pine fences are also reasonably priced and look much better. Vinyl is a great low-maintenance option, and cedar is optimal for privacy. For first-rate home fencing, Washington DC residents should talk to contractors about their options and what materials best suit their needs.

Mastery of red tape
Did you know that building codes, neighborhood or city rules, and homeowners associations (HOAs) may dictate what you can and cannot do when building a new fence or replacing an old one? Regulations may stipulate how high you can build fences, how fences look, and what materials you may or may not use to construct them. Thankfully, fencing contractors make it their business to know what these rules are and to help you install fences that are in-line with them.
Fences with flourishes
Why settle for a plain old fence when you can build a fence that stands out? When it comes to fence installation, DC residents should know they have options. Make fencing fancy with elaborate arches, gates, or entryways. Opt for chic, corrugated metal fences or stylish and eco-friendly bamboo fencing.

High Quality Fence Installation DC

Our team is more than happy to help you with fence repair, but you can cut back on the number of necessary repairs by choosing climate-appropriate fences. Heavy fence posts need to be reinforced in very cold areas, and homeowners need to avoid vulnerable woods in high humidity areas.

Are you looking to build or replace a fence in the Washington, DC area? For quality fence installation DC residents can count on our team! Our professionals will help you build a fence that lasts and looks great, too.

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