Ideas For a Basement Remodel

Having an unfinished basement is wasting space in your home. Whether you choose to make it into a family room, man cave, gym, art studio, or whatever else you may need, a basement remodel is a great decision to make. In fact, the National Association of Realtors says that 81% of homeowners prefer their home after a basement remodel. Clearly, there is a lot of good that can come out of basement remodels, but there are also tons of options.

Here are several current trends in basement remodeling:

Open Concept Basements are Increasing in Popularity

An open concept floor pad is incredibly popular throughout the home, and this extends into the basement. When using the basement as an extension of the home, leaving the basement open is incredibly popular. It makes the space feel larger than it is and maximizes space in smaller basements. This also gives you the chance to get multiple purposes and uses out of the basement.

You Can Turn It into a Media Space

Because of the naturally wide-open nature of basements, they tend to make great media rooms. This can be as expansive as a mini-movie theater, with expansive comfortable seating and a large screen. In other cases, a set-up for video games might be a better use based on what your preferences are. This can include a PC set up, as well as a TV and console. In other cases, finding a balanced blend is what you need to fit your personal needs.

They Work as an Extra Bedroom

For large families, a family where an adult has come back to live at home again, or even a family that just wants to host guests it makes sense to turn the basement into an extra bedroom. This gives the guest or person whose room was moved to the basement plenty or privacy, and a bit of separation from the rest of the home. A basement also gives you enough space to put up some kind of privacy divider or wall. That space also allows you to turn the basement into more than a bedroom, but a full guest living space, potentially with a bathroom, living space, and bedroom.

Basements Make Great Art Studios

Taking to the basement for art projects is great because it allows you to work in a quieter space than a main floor office or even the garage where some people choose to work out of. There is also versatility in the type of studio that a basement remodeler can convert your basement into for you. A soundproofed music studio, an office to write, a space to paint, and so much more are available in this type of basement remodel.

Make it a Home Bar

Adding in a bar to a basement with some decent size, a couple of barstools, and a TV and your basement remodel can become a great way to make your own in-home bar. Some cool neon signs, and taps for drinking from, and your basement has become a great entertainment center that you can entertain friends and family from for years to come.

It Can Make a Great Man or Woman Cave

A basement remodeling service is commonly used to put in a man or woman cave. These act as a personal space for someone living in the home to escape into, so that they can relax and have their own personal space. This space is designed to fit the needs that the individual having a basement remodel has for that space. It’s a great way not just to make a private space, but one to entertain friends and family within.

Basement remodels are a great way to get the most possible space out of the space in your home. Basement remodeling services are going to be able to help make the remodel as painless as possible, but also give you advice on your options with the remodel.

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