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Is it time to update your kitchen? You might be tempted to perform a DIY kitchen redesign, but there are too many reasons why that’s not a good idea. Instead of risking your new kitchen, work with a team of kitchen contractors Washington DC homeowners trust.

Why Remodel?

Our customers rely on Remodel Washington DC to beautify their homes and improve their functionality. Learn why more homeowners are choosing to remodel over relocating.

Make your home truly yours

Kitchen remodeling and kitchen cabinet refacers give you the option to make your home truly your own. When you move, you may be able to pick and choose what your new kitchen looks like and what features it will include — up to a point. Even then, you must work with what’s already there. Your options are finite.

On the other hand, those who work with local kitchen remodeling services can do whatever they would like. Homeowners may choose to install a new sink, refit their kitchen with contemporary, brass accents, redesign kitchens to have a more open and spacious layout, or work with kitchen refacers to makeover old cabinets.

Remodeling is dramatically more cost-effective

In most cases, renovating your home — and even completing major renovations — will be more cost-effective than selling your home outright. A minor or low-end renovation may cost as little as $4,000. A much larger remodel averages about $25,000.

If you sell your home, you will likely pay 10% of the sale price plus closing costs. That means, at minimum, buying a $350,000 home will cost you $35,000 plus several thousand more in closing fees.

Stay where you want, as long you want

Among first-time homeowners who have owned their home for six years or more, 61% have plans to remodel instead of relocating. Not only do renovations afford you greater flexibility, but they also allow you to remain in your home. There are several compelling reasons not to move. You may want to stay put for the sake of your child or children. If you are happy with his or her school district, staying in your home gives them the opportunity to continue their education uninterrupted. Similarly, if you are located within minutes of your job, it makes perfect sense to stay where you are instead of relocating to a neighborhood or area with a considerably longer — and less convenient — commute.

Of course, your reasons may not be strictly practical — and that’s okay, too! Some of us simply cherish the memories and years spent in our homes, and that is reason enough to stay however long you want to.

Invest in your future

Remodeling projects and particularly kitchen remodeling projects often pack an impressive return on investment (ROI). If you aren’t ready to sell right now, renovations are likely to pay off years from now when you are ready.

Is remodeling the right option for you? Contact Remodel Washington DC, and get started today!

Why Use a Local Kitchen Remodeling Service?

Here at Remodel Washington DC, we want to make sure that your kitchen remodeling project exceeds all of your expectations. When you want to remodel your kitchen, it can be tempting to go to a big national company. Unfortunately, doing so might have negative consequences for your new kitchen. When you work with a local kitchen remodeling company, you’re investing in:


Clearer and simpler communication.


A cost-effective solution for your kitchen remodel project.


Extensive firsthand knowledge of local building codes.


An established business that benefits your local economy.


Higher quality work from a small, dedicated team of contractors.

When you work with a local kitchen remodeling company like Remodel Washington DC, you’re investing in all of these things and more. A small, experienced team based in your community can offer excellent results that you won’t find anywhere else.

Kitchen Remodeling Services You Can Trust

First and foremost, your dream kitchen is our top priority. We want to make communication and workflow easy for you to follow and understand. And above all else, we want to help construct your dream kitchen.

Are you ready to get started on building your dream kitchen? Contact our team today and we’ll get started.

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