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Transitional Single Family Residence - Kitchen Remodeling

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Customer Focus 

Our customers reached out to us from abroad in mid-2022 to begin the process of updating their Arlington house. They knew that coming back, after several years overseas, their home would need to be remodeled to match their current needs. Almost the entire design process was completed virtually, including all design and selection choices. 


Our designer suggested opening the kitchen to the family room by removing a wall to create a more open floor plan with floor to ceiling cabinets, incredibly unique backsplash tile, a fun hexagonal shaped floor tile, and much more. 



One of the challenges of this remodel was space constraints. Because of the square footage that the kitchen covered, the center island had to be sized appropriately. That included the dishwasher that was part of the island. Our design team had to source a slightly under-average sized dishwasher to fit the space.  

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Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 2.28_edited.jpg

The backsplash of the kitchen, both in the coffee bar area and behind the stove, consists of marble arranged vertically, not horizontally. This is a unique design element that complements the more commonly used horizontal subway tile in the kitchen on the opposite wall. Beautiful quality design and installation work.

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