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From Sun Room to Four Season Room in Vienna, Perfect for Year-Round Gatherings

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Customer Focus 

Our  customers knew they wanted to create more space in their Vienna home for their family to gather in the evenings and on weekends, but realized that the space inside wasn’t the best layout for relaxation. So they turned to the designers at MOSS to help them transform their home’s large screened porch into a four season room that was well-lit, well-ventilated, and comfortably furnished. With the addition of large windows, solid insulation, built-in cabinets for games, storage, and books, and a focal area for a television, the new space is exactly the result that our customers were hoping for.  



We laid out a realistic timeline for the remodel and it was met, much to the customer’s delight. 

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The quality

of the work in this remodel was excellent. The room was transformed from its original, standard screened porch/sun room layout to a room that can be used all year long. Updated with air conditioning and heating units, insulation, handcrafted built-ins, new flooring, and much more, the space is cozy, comfortable, and easy to relax in

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