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Favorite place 

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Customer Focus 

The client is an avid photographer and wanted a special place to highlight his work with the ability to easily switch out pieces. This location is the first thing guests see when they enter through the basement door or come down the staircase. Live edge walnut was sourced locally and used in this alcove, as well as in other areas throughout the project. The archway and stacked stone are also carried throughout the remodel to provide continuity and natural texture. 

Having had a fully-functional bar in their previous home, the homeowners knew they wanted a dishwasher, a kegerator and open shelves for adequate glassware storage. Knowing he would spend a lot of time behind the bar during parties, the client wanted a view of the entire basement from behind the bar. 

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Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 12.09.53 PM.png

 This location was the ideal spot for the theater so the screen could be viewed from the bar area. Unfortunately, a structural beam was located right in the middle of it. The beam was relocated and now anyone at the bar can watch the game on TV or the action in the billiards area. Bluetooth-connected lighting allows a change of ambiance with a simple tap of a smart phone. A pocket door on the side wall allows movie watchers to exit discreetly without opening the large barn doors and disturbing other viewers. The live edge walnut continues here and provides an area where guests can watch the big game on TV and also pivot to chat with people at the bar. 

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