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Incredibly Unique & Contemporary Ashburn Kitchen & Addition

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Customer Focus 

Our customers are extensive world travelers and admirers of architecture. They knew that they wanted to remodel their more traditional Ashburn home to reflect their desire for contemporary and modern elements, not only in their kitchen but also with the addition of a new family room space that would lead to the backyard. 


The homeowners worked with an architect directly to design the addition that  executed off the back of their home’s kitchen – it was meant to be a unique contrast to the existing home’s structure while flowing naturally from the original space and was also meant to be used essentially year-round with the doors open or closed. Specific details, including the retractable window from the kitchen to the new family room addition, were added to create the options of multi-use capabilities of the home’s various spaces. Overall, the remodel has given the home the transformation the homeowners longed for and envisioned on their travels.  


Our designers worked closely with the homeowners, who are avid home chefs, to create a kitchen that was incredibly functional. The choice to install several cabinet pull outs, with room for kitchen utensil storage, spices, and more, was a key decision. The pot filler behind the range provides easy water access for cooking. And the center island is the perfect place to roll out dough and have pizza night at home.   

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 The quality of the work at this Ashburn home is top notch – in this case, the care and attention to the addition, and its many glass doors and windows, was key to creating the ambiance the homeowners were hoping to achieve.  

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