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Beautifully Updated Fairfax Kitchen


Customer Focus 

When our customers approached us, they knew they wanted to update their kitchen and main floor into a brighter and more open space. Our  design team suggested removing a wall into the home’s dining room as the best way to create a bigger and more light-filled kitchen while keeping the dining room in its space. Removing the wall allowed the home appliances to be moved to the side as well as to the new, center, massive island and for more lighting to be installed overhead. The overall resulting effect is bright, warm and inviting and much more open.  


The performance of the work, from start to finish, was impeccable. The customer remarked in a review, “ Remodel Washington DC was so wonderful to work with. They were organized from start to finish, and we are so happy with our remodeled kitchen!”.




The quality of the work was beautiful and well done. The installation of a full slab stone backsplash must be done with care and expert craftmanship and the result is a stunning example of this.  

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