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Beautiful Spa-like Master Bathroom Remodel in Centreville

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Customer Focus 

Our customers’ Centreville master bathroom was the original from when the home was built over 20 years ago. With outdated features and the typical wear and tear, they knew that they wanted to repair it but also at the same time, to upgrade it to make sense for their life and needs. We designed remodel included making the bathroom layout more functional, with better use of space, the addition of a water closet, more storage options, an updated bathtub, and to give the master bathroom an almost spa-like feel. The result is perfectly calming and relaxing while also incredibly functional, which checked all the boxes for our customers.  


Our  designers approached this remodel knowing that the space needed to be reconfigured to meet our customers’ needs. For example, in order to have enough room for the private water closet, our designers closed off the hallway linen closet and used that space to allow for its creation. The bathroom’s shower was then moved from its original location, and interior storage was created for the homeowners to have easy access to their linens from inside the bathroom. Even with the removal of the hallway linen closet, the homeowners now have even more storage space than before. 

bathroom renovation
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The results of this remodel are beautiful. The master bathroom has given the homeowners the spa-like oasis that they craved. Not only that but the space is functional. With the reconfigured space, there is now a private water closet, a standalone tub, plenty of storage for bathroom items and linens, and much more. Our homeowners were particular about wanting a soothing, relaxing and enjoyable master bathroom that used every inch of space as best as possible. There are now two sinks for prep, heated floors, new semi-custom cabinetry, a beautifully tiled shower, and a standalone tub placed strategically under the bathroom window.

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